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Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE Gel Top Coat - Gel Nail Polish

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE Gel Top Coat
Pink Gellac Ultra Shine

Ultra Shine is a NO-WIPE, high-gloss shine top coat!

Apply Ultra Shine over your Pink Gellac gel polish manicure for long-lasting, high-gloss results! No wiping necessary since there isn't a tacky residue after curing.

Application tip: Let the top coat sit on your nails for 10 seconds or so after application (before curing) to allow the gel to self-level. This helps eliminate any brushstrokes for an even, glossy finish!

Works with chrome, holographic, and other metallic pigment powders!

Size: 0.5 fl oz (15mL)
LED curing time: 60 seconds*
UV curing time: 120 seconds
Duration: Lasts 2 weeks+
Formulated & manufactured in Amsterdam

* The recommended curing time is based on a 36 watt lamp. Lower powered lamps will require a longer curing time (up to 90-120 seconds depending on the wattage of your lamp).

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Leslie Ann Sartor Mallo
    Talk about shine that lasts! And it's no wipe. There isn't anything else I could ask for. I'm tough on nails and truly this keeps the shine until you're ready for your next polish, 2+ weeks so far for me.
  • Author: Nicole Ramirez
    I love "no wipe" top coats! Especially ones that cure in my led lamp! Thus actually take about a min and a half to cure in my lamp. But its worth it, the shine from this makes all my manicure look even more gorgeous! I'm almost out and been saving the last bit for my personal mani's lol yes its that good! I must order more soon!
  • Author: cassandra Baxter
    Love love love this product, it beats all the rest on price and it actually works. I use my LED lamp for just 60 seconds and viola instant shine no wiping and it really last for over a month is the longest i have left it for until i need my nails shiny again, easy removal i can soak or file it off just for another layer of this top coat to make it all shiny again.
    I will constantly be buying and using this product for myself and my customers thank you chickettes so glad i found you
    Thank you thank you thank you
  • Author: Jeanne
    This is my favorite top coat. I cure it for 90 seconds just to make sure it's completely done. One time I even put on Gelish Top It Off, looked at it, decided it wasn't shiny enough, and topped again with Ultra Shine. Now I only use TIO on my toes. The only drawback is that after several days, the shine does slightly wear off the tips of my most used fingers, but I don't believe anyone else would ever notice that.